Kosovo & North Macedonia Tour

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Explore some of the best of two Balkan countries in 2 days.

Visit the capital of North Macedonia, the capital of Kosovo and the historical center of the youngest country in Europe.

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2 Days          Moderate

During this intensitive 2 days tour from Sofia, we will explore the heritage and culture of two countries in the Western Balkans – North Macedonia and Kosovo. You will learn about the rich and fascinating ancient history of these lands and understand a bit better the complexity of the politics and the search for identity in the modern age.

In North Macedonia, we will visit the capital of the country – Skopje. This city is one of the most bizarre cities on the Balkan Peninsula – a mixture of authentic monuments from the Ottoman period, and new neo-classical buildings. In Kosovo – Europe’s newest country, we will explore two of the most popular cities- Pristina (the capital of Kosovo) and Prizren. Please prepare for long distances and a lot of new impressions.

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Day 1: The Capitals of North Macedonia and Kosovo


Our tour will start with pick up from your hotel/accommodation in Sofia at 08:00 am. The first destination will be Skopje – the capital of North Macedonia. After approximately 3 and a half hours guided trip we will reach the city. During the long drive, you will learn the Bulgarian point of view regarding the history of the region. Then you will have two hours guided tour of the city made by a Macedonian guide. You will have the chance to hear the stories about Yugoslavia and the modern way of life in the country from a local, which will make your experience truly worthy. In addition, you will compare the two historical interpretations and make your own conclusions. The highlights you will visit are the Old fortress, Sultan Murat Mosques and the Old Bazaar, where we will have the chance to see Caravanserais (inns) from the Ottoman period when Skopje was one of the main trade centers on the Balkans.

Our next stop will be the historical fortress located at the highest point in Skopje from where you will have the chance to admire the stunning view of the city.
One of the oldest and biggest preserved mosques in Skopje
We will cross the Vardar River by the Stone bridge, the only preserved bridge from the Middle ages and start our exploration of the new part of the city.
We will visit the new neo-classical square Macedonia. There we will admire the biggest statue of Alexander the Great and his father Phillip II. You will stop and learn the history of the ancient Macedonians and the adventures of their rulers.

We will continue to Mother Teresa memorial house. She is the most famous person born in Skopje. Her work and contribution to the world deserve huge respect. In the house museum, you will learn about her story and will track her life by the big photography collection. The walking part of the tour will finish at the Gate Macedonia (newly built triumphal arch). With this, our exploration of Skopje will finish and you will have 1,5 hours for lunch and rest before we continue our journey to the capital of Kosovo- Pristina.

After approximately 2 hours drive from Skopje, we will reach Pristina- the capital of Kosovo. Then we will start our walking tour of the city. Our first stop will be the Pristina National Library, completed in 1982 when Kosovo was part of Yugoslavia. The library is keeping valuable books and documents some of which date to the 15th century. An interesting fact is that it is ranked at the top of the ugliest architectural structures in Europe.

During our walk, we will pay attention to the statue of Mother Tereza. Due to her Albanian origin, she is a highly prized person in Kosovo.

Our next stop in Pristina will be Kosovo Museum, situated in an Austro-Hungarian style building from 1889. It is the first institution dealing with the heritage issues of the newborn country. It keeps valuable artifacts from the earliest cultures that inhabited this region till the modern age history.

We will pass by the oldest building in Pristina – Carshia Mosque, built during the 15th century.

Another highlight which we will pay attention to before leaving for Prizren will be the Imperial Mosque. It has been constructed by Sultan Mehmed II the conqueror of Constantinople.
Our final destination for this day will be Prizren- a lovely city surrounded by beautiful mountains. We will reach the city after 1,5 hours drive – at approximately 20:00 pm. We will enjoy tasty traditional food for dinner and overnight in the historical part of the city.

Overnight at a nice 4-star hotel in the historical part of Prizren

Day 2: The historical heart of Kosovo

After breakfast in our hotel, we will start our walking tour of Prizren (at around 08:30 am). We will explore the charming city with its narrow cobblestone streets and authentic Ottoman buildings. Our first stop will be Mahmet Pasha Hamam, built during the 16th century.
On our way to the fortress, we will cross the 15th century Stone bridge from where we’ll have the chance to admire the picturesque view of the old part of the city and the surrounding nature.
The next site that we will visit is The Sinan Pasha Mosque built at the beginning of the 17th century. You will be able to take a look at the nice souvenir shops that surround the mosque.
We will continue our walking tour with an exploration of the fortress situated high above the city from where wonderful views will reveal. You will hear the history of the site which keeps the memory of long lost cultures and peoples. This is the last site that we will visit in Prizren. Then we will go back to Skopje (which will take approx. 2.5 hours drive) where we will have some time to relax and have lunch. At 15:00 we will head back to Sofia, where you will be dropped off at the location you want.