Visit Nis, Serbia

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Better understand the Balkans with all its complexity, rich history, and colorful mixture of different cultures and habits.

During this day tour, you will travel through history with the professional leadership of your guide.

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During this day tour, you will travel through history with the professional leadership of your guide. Our journey through time will start from the Roman period when Nis gave to the world one great man – The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. Then we will continue through the Middle Ages and the period of Ottoman rule which left constructions like the Nis Fortress and the Skull Tower – a symbol of the struggle for freedom and independence from the Ottomans. In the end, we will pay attention to the Modern history and the period of Nazi occupation of former Yugoslavia, visiting the Nazi Concentration Camp. Of course, after all the impressions that you get, it will be time for some rest. You will have the chance to taste the famous Serbian cuisine – one of the most delicious on the Balkans.

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Your guide will pick you up from your accommodation in Sofia at 08:30 am. After approximately 2 hours of drive, we will reach our first sight – Medijana archaeological park, which is a Roman Imperial residence, nowadays closed due to renovation. Our next stop will be the Skull Tower, known also as Cale kula. The tower is now a museum dedicated to the Bulgarians and the Serbs who took part in the revolt against the Ottoman Empire. It was built from the Turks and constructed with the skulls of the killed rebellions. The idea of this act was to warn others what will happen if they revolt again. Another dark monument in our schedule will be the Nazi Concentration Camp – built in 1941 and it is famous for the successful escape of the prisoners in early 1942. The camp is perfectly preserved and was never damaged. After that, we will continue to the old town where we will visit the Nis Fortress. There we will see ruins from the ancient Nisus and later Ottoman period. We will have a walk and after that enjoy the traditional local food.

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